I Love a [Thrifting] Challenge

I Love a [Thrifting] Challenge

Lori of the gorgeous blog Farm Fresh Style just might be the one person I know who loves thrifting as much as I do. In fact, she loves treasure hunting so much, she started an annual thrifting challenge.

You can check out the deets here on her blog.

The rules: $20 cash money to get the best bang for your buck at your local thrift store.

Of course, I hit up a few of my favourite locations to thrift and scoured the shelves. I founds some really amazing stuff and my $20 went way further than even I was expecting.

This gold-rimmed plate marked “PAREEK Johnson Bros. England” has the loveliest crazing.
It’s perfect for plating a roast dinner. I scored it for an unbelievable 50 cents. #omg right?
You know I love ALL things Christmas so, of course, vintage Christmas items are at the top of that list. This mid-century-modern light-up wreath (which doesn’t actually light-up, YET), is the perfect kitschy addition to my holiday decor. It was 25 cents.
As much as I adore the vintage aesthetic, my motivation for thrifting is largely to live sustainably. I’m always keen to pick up items that I can use in place of plastic. This is the third in my now growing collection of Arcoroc France pressed glass dishes, which are technically butter dishes but are large enough to hold leftovers very nicely. It was $3.99 at Value Village.

I tracked all my purchases in my #ThriftyThursday videos on Instagram. Check out the highlight THRIFT to view my scores.

Thank you, Lori, for hosting this challenge! I can’t wait to see all the treasures of everyone who participated scored this year.

xoxo Krista