A Love Letter to Snow Days

A Love Letter to Snow Days

Dear Snow Days,

I’ll admit it, I once took you for granted.

When you grow up with at least a couple of the magical, unexpected days off, it’s easy to assume that the trend will continue. I remember, when I moved to Thunder Bay in high school, that we were sent home less often because it was too snowy than because it was just too cold. (Yes, that’s correct. When it’s so cold even the school board deems it better to stay warm and indoors.)

Snow day in Halifax
The eve of a snow day in Halifax.

As a professional (and adult) there was no decline in the pure delight of receiving the notification that business days were cancelled. Instead of mornings with my ear glued to the radio, I would make sure my phone was next to the bed with the alerts system activated so that I would know right away if I could count on a few extra minutes beneath the covers the next morning.

Snow day in Baltimore
A snowy day in Baltimore. 

Even living in Baltimore afforded more snow days than we had expected — although, yes, the criteria for a cancellation was significantly lower. If there was enough snow that required sweeping (yes, sweeping, not shovelling) from our front stoop, then a snow day was imminent.

Being both self-employed and working remotely with clients (possibly in much warmer regions), brings with it a loss of that hopeful, enchanted announcement. I miss the relief of the broadcast that declared, “Go ahead and cozy up for some pancakes folks. All that’s expected of you today is to stay warm and *maybe* shovel the driveway.”

Blowing snow in Cape Breton.

Perhaps one day I’ll find something that bears an equivalent source of joy but, until then, don’t go changing. While some people spend their winters wishing away the snow, I only wish for more.

xoxo Krista

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