A Love Letter to Mother’s Restaurant

A Love Letter to Mother’s Restaurant

Dear Mother’s Restaurant,

I just adore finding restaurants that have as much quirky charm in their aesthetic as they do delicious food.

When I was traipsing around NOLA on a recent trip, I had my heart set on an authentic po’boy sandwich.

IMG_2377 (2)

As a general rule of thumb in cities like this known for their incredible, regional flavours, if you see a line outside a restaurant, go stand in it!

The lineup at Mother’s Restaurant was long enough to convince me that the food would be good but not so long that I would be stuck in the sun for any longer than I could stand. By this point, the sun had left its signature on my pasty Nova Scotian complexion DESPITE spf 45 and a hat. Oy vey.

IMG_2374 (2)

The place smelled so delicious and I was in awe watching the hustle of your staff as they prepared and served food to all the hungry guests.

IMG_2372 (2)

I discovered that Mother’s Restaurant is famous for their authentic New Orleans flavours, featuring all the delicious classics like red beans and rice, crawfish ettoufee, jambalaya, gumbo, their special baked ham, and (the reason I was there) po’boys.

IMG_2373 (2)

I especially enjoyed seeing all the photos of celebrities who frequent the restaurant on their NOLA trips. The walls lined with autographed pictures only added to my building excitement. I mean, when your guest list includes Beyonce, it doesn’t get more exciting than that (except maybe DEA Agent Hank Schrader from Breaking Bad. “They’re minerals. Jesus, Marie!”)

I left happy with a delicious shrimp and oyster po’boy that was UNBELIEVABLY scrumptious. (And also a slice of pecan pie that I devoured without taking a picture. #sorrynotsorry.)

Thanks, Mother’s Restaurant!

xoxo Krista

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